Residential & Commercial Development


AGG has a team of professionals in almost every field of real estate development process. Our developers, land planners, engineers, lawyers, appraisers, architects, contractors, and construction managers work together to evaluate your future property.

The most important of these professionals is probably the land planner and engineer because they will create the essence of the development based upon the developer's goals.

Land Acquisition

Choosing the right Location is critical because it is going to define the development regarding prestige, access, schools, shopping, and even employment.

Before starting any project, AGG Developments take full responsibility to locate and acquire land, arrange for financing, and obtain government approvals. Once our market analysis is completed, a site within the chosen geographic area can be selected.


Site Information

Our team of professionals gather necessary site information like maps, aerial and ground photographs.


We develop many preliminary ideas of the same property project.


Preparing several different planes showing various densities, street locations, types of units, amenities, and seeking government approvals.

Final Planning

Once preliminary approval has been obtained, our developers can proceed with final planning.


At AGG Developments, we strive to build high-quality properties that make our community a better place for inhabitants. Our architectural design studios reflect our innovative architecture designs that transcend traditional styles form and function in every project we deliver.

Architecture Services

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Cost Analysis
  • Project Scheduling

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