Structural Engineering

At AGG Developments we aim to create green buildings that will stay secure and strong no matter the environmental conditions are. Our highly-trained structural engineers collaborate continuously to ensure that whatever they are building will sustain any environment loads and stresses as well as improving the places where we live.

Interior Design

AGG Developments offer fully integrated interior design services driven from highly imaginative design solutions that satisfy human, physical, technical, aesthetic and functional needs. With its office in Florida, we've We specialize in sustainable principals and have most notably been recognized for our creativity and Innovation.


In a world that revolutionized by technology today, it is necessary to benefit from this technology revolution in every aspect of life as it makes our life more comfortable and more fun. We at AGG Development assist you in this by developing custom software solutions. When developing any project for our clients, we create a specially- designed software product that suits their needs and business goals. AGG professional team of software engineers use modern agile approaches to ensure continuous value delivery.

Our clients benefit from our result-oriented attitude and say our quality software solutions is incredibly high. Start with a quote for your project today!



Our IT Services Include:

  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Web Development
  • Internet of Things

Building Information Modeling


Using BIM, we take the process of generating and managing building data to the next level by ensuring the model continues to work for your benefit throughout the lifecycle of your project. AGG Developments teams of architects, engineers, and contractors help you evaluate your construction project before it happens.

BIM is an intelligent model-based process that connects designers, architects, and contractors so they can more efficiently design, build and operate buildings by creating 3D models for every single project.

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